Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some masculine fabric for ya'll!!

A little something for the men in your life perhaps?
These yellow cars would be the perfect to make a wallet, lunch bag, tie, pillow, pencil case, coasters, hankie, gosh - the list goes on and on........

Why not pair it with some of our Joel Dewberry, Wood Grain Fabric? We still have light brown and minty green in stock!!

Guys like handmade gifts too!!! So get your craft on ya'll!!!!!


We have had such a great reponse to Echino's 'Scooter' collection, that we ordered it in blue as well! It arrived a few days ago and it's waiting for projects to be made of it!!

So come pick some up before it's gone forever!!! (well maybe not forever, but for Whiz Bang at least)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is the story, short and sweet. A few days ago, Whiz Bang received a much anticipated order. WOWZERS!!!! TWO bolts of the cutest Japanese fabric :Trefle by Kokka!!!! My favorite being the soft cotton WAFFLE weave outdoor park scene. (that's right folks, WAFFLE weave!!!)
Little ducks swim in ponds while racoons and horses play games together! BUNNIES, tufts of grass, Fruit TREES, snails!!! Need I say more?
Well, I'm thinking of making an adorable, comfy pajama set out of the WAFFLE weave. Leggings and a top with buttons perhaps....what will you make?
Come to the shop and check it out! Let's get some feedback, leave comments on what you think of it!
xoxo WBF